Convention 2.0

Why Attend

The 2020 IAIP Virtual Convention (Convention 2.0) is THE place for insurance and risk management professionals interested in improving their professional and personal skills. Current and prospective members will gain valuable insight into current industry trends and diverse education offerings while also taking advantage of the quality, authentic networking opportunities that IAIP is known for. With no need to travel and less time away from work, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Download the 2020 Virtual Convention Program Guide.

What’s included:

  • General Session
  • “Ignite IAIP” forum: 3 speakers
  • Education Sessions: 4 hours of CLP
  • Community Café: 6 sessions
  • Career Connections: 4 sessions
  • Awards & Recognition Celebration
  • Confidence While Communicating Speak-Off
  • Community Service
  • 2020-2021 Officer Installation
  • Town Hall & Business Meeting

Make a Difference.

Each year the members of IAIP community collaborate on a service project. This year’s project will be supporting HallieStrong and is sponsored by Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC. HallieStrong was founded in memory of  Hallie Hope who was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of cervical cancer – small cell neuroendocrine. Hallieshope is all about spreading warmth and hope to those fighting cancer, one pair of socks at a time! Hospitals are cold and the days are very long. Warm socks are an absolute must throughout treatment. It’s the hope of this organization that anytime these socks are worn, the recipient finds hope, Hallie’s Hope, in knowing they’re never alone in the fight for their life.

#hallieshope is spread in two ways:

1. by sending personalized care packages, free of charge, to anyone fighting cancer, regardless of stage, type of cancer or treatment plan. Care packages are nomination based and include 3-4 pairs of socks + a handwritten note of encouragement.

2. delivering socks to hospitals & cancer centers across the country for patients to grab on treatment days. Each are tagged with an inspirational #halliestrong note!

Please make your donation online at 

SPONSORED BY Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC.


Get Approved to Attend.

The 2020 IAIP Convention spans three days of education and networking designed to accelerate your professional expertise. Do you need your leadership’s approval to spend this time away from your normal busy schedule? Use these justification tools to articulate the value of participation and get approved to attend the event.

Employer Justification Letter

Customize this, including your educational plans, to propose attendance to your leadership:

Review the Agenda

Explore what’s being offered at the convention so you can pinpoint the most relevant events and sessions to your current and future initiatives.

Share the Knowledge

Plan ahead to deliver knowledge from the conference back to your organization. Take detailed notes and create a post-conference report and plan for disseminating the key takeaways to those in your organization who may benefit. Hold one or several Convention debrief sessions to share these lessons and discuss how they’re applicable to your work.

Thank You To Our Sponsors