Convention Experience

Why Attend

The 2023 IAIP Convention is for insurance and risk management professionals interested in improving their professional and personal skills. Current and prospective members will gain valuable insight into current industry trends and diverse education offerings while also taking advantage of the quality, authentic networking opportunities that IAIP is known for.

Jan Spence, CSP

Our 2023 Convention keynote speaker, Jan Spence, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is a true pioneer.

Her family introduced peach Jell-O to the world through a national commercial in the 1970s. She began her sales career at age 10 selling donuts for summer camp. She then went on to consult with national accounts such as Wal-Mart, Pillsbury and Frito-Lay.

Jan fulfilled one of her lifelong dreams by playing women’s professional full-tackle football with the Jacksonville Dixie Blues. She was a linebacker during their inaugural year when the team went to the first ever Women’s World Bowl in San Diego, California.

The Jacksonville Times-Union said of Jan upon her receiving the Spirit of Rosie Entrepreneurial award: “Jan’s career has embodied the spirit of going against the grain. She continues to forge ahead in areas unexplored by other women, paving the way for future generations.”

Through speaking, training and coaching, this TEDx speaker inspires individuals and companies to realize their core values and purpose so that they are able to fulfill their God-given mission here on earth.



What’s Included



  • Welcome Reception & Exhibitor Hall
  • Regional Dinners
  • Community Café networking time


  • Keynote Speaker
  • Ignite IAIP Luncheon
  • 3 Education Sessions

IAIP Favorites

  • CWC Speak-Off
  • IGNITE Luncheon
  • Awards & Recognition Luncheon
  • Brunch Membership & Officer Installation

Get Approved to Attend

The 2023 IAIP Convention spans four days of education and networking designed to accelerate your professional expertise. Do you need your leadership’s approval to invest time away from the office? Use these justification tools to articulate the value of participation and get approved to attend the event.

Share the Knowledge

Plan ahead to deliver knowledge from the conference back to your organization. Take detailed notes, gather business cards and create a post-conference report and plan for disseminating the key takeaways to those in your organization who may benefit. Hold one or several Convention debrief sessions to share these lessons and discuss how they’re applicable to your work.

Volunteer for Convention

Gain valuable networking opportunities and be part of the creation of the convention by assisting as a moderator, helping with the Confidence While Communicating (CWC) Speak-off, Twitterati or Workshops. View all the Convention Volunteer details.

Attending as a Group?

Groups of three or more from one organization or company (not individual payments from multiple employees or association members) are eligible for a group rate. Strategize ahead of time with your colleagues and determine a plan for covering conference sessions – whether it’s better to attend together or to divide and conquer more ground. Queue up the key challenges your group shares so each member is prepared to help gather information on those topics. Make a plan for how you’ll share conference notes and contacts Email us if you are interested in group rates.

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